Friday, January 4, 2013

DIY: Distressed Highwaisted Denim Shorts

This holiday I went to the countryside of Panama to visit my dear mommy , while I was there I got the opportunity to visit a large second-hand store and  found this awesome highwaisted Lee jeans just for $2.99 and also bought a pair of Levi's for $1.00. So I decided to share with you this DIY I've been wanting to do for a while.

1. You're going to need scissors, pencil, ruler, thread, needle, tweezers, razor blade, sand paper, a piece of cardboard and of course jeans, preferably 100% cotton not stretchy ones.
2. Place the ruler at the desire length and slide it upwards to make approximately a 30° angle.
3. Once you are completely sure of the length and angle draw a line and cut through it with the scissors.
4. Fold over the jeans to the other side and mark with the pencil to make sure both have the same length and angle.
5. Cut the other leg.(lol that sounded crippy). I cutted mine a bit longer to be able to make cuffs at the end.
6. Cuff the end of both legs and make sure you are still keeping the angle.
7. Try them on and once you are pleased with the length, make some stitches to keep the cuffs in place.
8. Now let the distressing begin! To avoid cutting the pockets, pull them out and place a piece of cardboard behind the front so you don't cut the back.
9. Now let the distressing begin! Cut with the razor blade making jeans strips of about 1/4 inch thick at the desire length.
10. Use a needle to loosen up the horizontal white threads. Be careful those threads are the ones we want to remain.
11. Pull the vertical blue threads with the tweezers. And repeat steps 9-11 all over the jeans (please,avoid the crotch area), I did below the front pockets, on the back pockets and on the little coin pocket.
12.Now to make the distressed look more believable, grab the razor blade and make little shallow cuts on the natural abrasion points of the denim like back pockets, front pockets, belt loops,etc.
13. Use sand paper over the previous cuts to gave them a shaggier look.
14. Put the pants in the washing machine to accentuate the cutting and voila! A pair of perfect highwaisted denim shorts for summer!

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