Saturday, December 1, 2012

Alexander Wang for Balenciaga

Well, I promised I'll keep you posted on the Balenciaga situation, so now I'm pleased to share with you the news that has shaken the fashion industry: Alexander Wang is the new fashion director of one of the most important fashion houses in France, yes I'm  talking about Balenciaga.

After many rumors that pointed Christopher Kane, a designer with aesthetics more similar to Balenciaga as a brand than Alexander Wang's streetstyle vibe, as the successor of Nicholas Ghesquière's reign, the announcement is official Alexander Wang for Balenciaga, a decision I never would have guessed, which makes it even more exciting and definitely marks the beginning of a new era for the house.

Wang's designs embodies the image of a hip model off-duty/laid-back and cool big city girl with a masculine accent, appealing a much younger market. He possesses the ability of creating an urban fantasy we all want to be part of and that's what makes his collections so commercial not only in America, but the whole world.

In order to achieve his signature streetchic vibe, Wang draws upon an exceptional selection of models for the runway and embracing the casual uniform: slouchy t-shirts, skinny trousers, parkas and leather jackets, but adding those extra details or mixing them together in a way only he can, achieving the most important goal for a designer: making clothes that women actually WANT to wear.

In my opinion, the decision of bringing Alexander Wang to Balenciaga is rather for business than anything else. His designs, including the clothing and the successful accessories collections, have become the ultimate object of desire and hopefully he will be able to bring that charm to Balenciaga. 

Alexander Wang has a very difficult task in his hands; because as I said, before Nicholas Ghesquière is a tough act to follow,but only time will tell and while we wait take a look at Alexander Wang's magnificent past collections.

alexander wang for balenciaga
alexander wang collections

Although, we still don't know what's going to happen with Nicholas Ghesquière, is he launching his own brand?, is he gonna be the designer of another big fashion house? or is he just simply taking a break?, don't worry I'll keep you posted.

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