Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Not So Costumy Halloween

I really don't know why every Halloween women think that they have to show the world what their mama's gave 'em. All you see in costume store is sexy police officer, sexy witch, sexy this, slutty that and on top of that they look really cheap. Why spend  $100 in a costume that a) makes you look like a call-girl, b) is made of really cheap fabric, c) you can't never wear it again, d) there's a chance somebody at same party you attend is wearing it too.

In light of this, why not raid your own closet or invest in wearable and better quality pieces to put together an original costume.

First we have the cowgirl costume. This trend is really easy to find in every stores right now (Zara, Topshop, H&M, Asos, Mango, etc) thanks to the impact of Isabel Marant's 2013-2013 F/W collection, which features a confident western girl.

Second, we have Frida Kahlo costume. Personally, I really want to try this one, Halloween is the best and I'm sure the only day where you can sport an uni-brow and look cool. This costume idea may require the use of some DIY to elaborate the flower crown, you can take a look at this DIY from Collage Vintage.
Third, the Bat Girl Costume. Fall is here and with it leather pieces in every corner. So get your leather skirt, if you don't have it already; your leather heels or booties for a more dramatic and heroic look and be the feminine version of the most awesome and sexiest superhero there is: BATMAN.

Fourth, we have the Hippie Costume. Embrace the psychedelic rock and the sexual revolution, spread the love and get ready to be transported to the summer of love wearing a classic hippie girl assemble, (cannabis not included). Again another cool costume idea, wearing basic pieces from your own wardrobe, a maxi skirt and white tank top. If you are a bit lazy for DIY the flower crown or not really a crafty person, you can change it and wear a scarf warped around your head and it'll add the same touch.

Fifth,and last the Goth Girl costume. This is a great costume idea for those girls who like to show a little bit more, because it's not goth if you  don't  exude a little of eroticism. This look consists in black everything and wearing spikes everywhere you can. The most important part of this look is the makeup so get crazy with your black kohl and plum lipstick. If you want to push the envelope a bit more wear one of those freaky contact lenses and be prepare to scare the crap out of everyone Marilyn Manson style.

Just did my part, I gave you five costume ideas, now you tell me; Which one are you gonna try for this Halloween?

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  1. great pieces!

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